Tool tote finished!

Finished the last coat of poly on the tool tote. Made four tills; one for saws, one for chisels, rasps, rules, etc. and two lower for mallets and planes.  Tills were constructed with dovetails and are made of oak (white and red) and walnut. Main carcass is afromosia, white oak and scraps for the laminated handle.  Pretty pleased with the result. Holds a surprising amount of my tools, which is good because my bench gets cluttered otherwise. Must…stay…orgainzed…

Front view - new chisels!

Tills out.

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3 Responses to Tool tote finished!

  1. Hi came across this when I was making a tool tote for myself. With the dove tails on the end going across the grain does it make them fragile?

  2. code4pay says:

    With the end grain on the end of the tote running across the tales does it make them fragile?

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