Pencil-Post Settee

I’ve always wanted one of these.

At first glance it might look like it would not be comfortable, but once sat upon this concern goes away. The back is angled just slightly, and this, coupled with the generous round-over of the top rails, provides for perfectly comfortable repose.

This settee was crafted of quarter sawn white oak. The finals on the legs are cocobolo and the horizontal accent on the upper rails are of ebony. The legs are constructed such that they show the ray-flakes present on quarter sawn oak on all four faces. I applied no stain or dye, only oil and wax to protect the wood. This finish that can be repaired or re-applied easily over the lifetime of the piece, which I fully expect to be on the order of centuries.

I constructed the cushion myself, and it is made from a single thick piece of cowhide on an oak frame with jute webbing. Love it!

Design inspiration thanks to Gustav Stickley.

I’ve perhaps 100 hours into this piece.

My kids love the new couch

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