Saturday mornings

Thanks in no small part to the KBOO bluegrass and Grateful Dead show (, I love spending saturdays in the shop. It’s a rare occasion when I get more than an hour or two, and today my wife let me have the whole morning and part of the afternoon to get the screen door I’ve been building finished. Even thought the sun is shining outside, the sounds of bluegrass combined with my excitement at building something cool makes these mornings some of my favorites. This week I am finishing up a commission for a screen door of mahogany in the same style I built the door for my own house.  I put one final gel-coat of stain on the piece, then installed the ebony plugs. After the gel-stain dried I hung it outside on my kids playset for the first coat of spar varnish. I think it’s coming out beautifully!

Screen door of African mahogany with ebony plugs.

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