Batman coat rack

Here in our household, we have a coat problem. A serious coat problem. Too many coats, not enough closet or hanging space. Coats end up strewn on the ground (where guess who get to pick them up), or stuffed into a too-crowded closet. This coat rack was my partial solution to the problem (though I’ve since discovered that the number of coats in a household is apparently exponentially proportional to the number of places to hang them). Anyway, I was feeling whimsical and wanted to get my curves on so I designed a piece with a batman feel – complimented by the bat coat hook I found at Hippo hardware here in Portland. The wood was from a locally harvested white oak. It was a streaked and knotty piece, but I like the way the imperfections look on the finished rack. The rack also holds my collection of African walking sticks and various umbrellas.

Now if I cold only get all those shoes organized…

Coat rack – Oregon white oak with cast iron hardware

Detail, Leg braces

Detail, top

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