Bow-arm Morris Chair

This is my second attempt at the Morris chair shown in the gregory Paolini morris chair   built for Fine Woodworking (here) and for which plans are published by American Furniture Design Co.  The piece is still in need of upholstery; for which I’ve a brown leather that matches another piece I’ve made for our living room. I feel this chair came out heads and tails better than my first Morris chair – a project I first undertook with next to no real woodworking skills to my credit. I think a lot of it comes down to a nice finish and attention to details like edges and through mortises.


Back and arm detail bow arm Morris chair

Back and arm detail bow arm Morris chair

I used blackwood plugs to suggest the holes found for the backrest adjustment on the rear legs.


Quartersawn white oak was lock-mitered to create legs with quartersawn grain on all four sides.

The finish is oil and dark brown wax. There are no stains or dyes used to color the natural white oak. I am beginning to prefer the clean look of unstained white oak. It should brown a bit with age.


The added benefit of proper edge treatment is that corners are easier on little heads, hands and feet.


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  1. erik says:

    looks great. like the subtle details

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