Mountain rain

This is what happens when you play with milk paint and a set of carving gouges.
Carved basswood cabinet/bookshelf in middle earth style. Mahogany back and base. Slanting the tongue and groove back pieces was a lot of fun. The interior of the doors panels are lined with Japanese rice paper.
IMG_4873IMG_4828IMG_4815IMG_4811 IMG_4816 IMG_4824IMG_4842 IMG_4853


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3 Responses to Mountain rain

  1. Thomas Tieffenbacher/aka DocSavage45 says:

    I’m not a fan of painting, although I do it. This really works!

  2. Bob Easton says:

    Simply Superb!!!
    In all ways, the chest design, the base design, and the finish.. It is delightful!

  3. rrlindh says:

    Nice…like it !!!

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