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St John’s valet

The St. Johns bridge here in Portland has always been among my favorite US bridges. Designed by engineer and poet David B. Steinman, the bridge was the longest suspension bridge in existence at the time of its construction. Mr. Steinman … Continue reading

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No, not finishing as in shellac, varnish, etc., Finishing in terms of completing. It’s always that last 10% that gets put off due to the urge to get started with something new. Slow down…slow down…

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Tool tote finished!

Finished the last coat of poly on the tool tote. Made four tills; one for saws, one for chisels, rasps, rules, etc. and two lower for mallets and planes.  Tills were constructed with dovetails and are made of oak (white … Continue reading

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Finally a solid workbench!

I’ve finally finished my winterlong workbench. Well, almost; while assembling the chain for the twin-screw vise the link used to join the chain went flying across my shop into a deep pile of sawdust behind a shelf, never to be … Continue reading

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Tool tote

In keeping with my selfish “for me” projects I’ve been working on all winter, I finished the carcass of my new tool tote. It’s purpose is to hold the hand tools I need while working at the workbench, while helping … Continue reading

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The winterlong workbench project

So I decided earlier this winter that I finally needed a real, solid workbench to take my hand-tool skills to the level. Trying to saw, plane and mortise without an adequate way to hold the wood is not only inefficient, … Continue reading

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