Misc. Items

Over the years I’ve made a lot of items that do not fit into the usual categories. Here are a few examples;


Coopered box with walnut lid

Large Jewelry box, bubinga, mahogany and ebony with Pendelton wool drawer linings.

Large Jewelry box; spalted wood, bubinga, mahogany and ebony with Pendelton wool drawer linings.

Coat rack/umbrella/walking stick holder – Oregon white oak with cast iron hardware

Craftsman screen door- kid tested by Madeline and Caitlin

Photo courtesy of Deborah Alexander..

Knitting needles. Bamboo, some with rosewood beads.


7 Responses to Misc. Items

  1. SpewKnitter says:

    You have one lucky wife! WOW!

  2. Joan Peterson says:

    The knitting needles are beautiful .. How much are they ?

  3. Karen says:

    I’m afraid to ask… but about how much for a storm door? Door size would be roughly 36 x 84 3/4. I’m a single mom fixing up a 100+ year bungalow and I’m totally drooling over your work. I wanted to keep my family in the same area and a fixer upper was what I could afford on my own. Great bones and I’d love to give it the trimmings it deserves.

  4. rrlindh says:

    You do really nice work.

  5. Kathie Kjar says:

    Do you have a pattern for the screen door?

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